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Welcome to the Green Elephant family,

Mandy Sacher from Wholesome Child!


The Green Elephant is proud to announce our recent partnership with Mandy Sacher, child nutrition expert, and author of the Wholesome Child: A Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook.


Her philosophy of training children’s taste buds to enjoy nutritious and healthy food from as early as possible is something that we LOVE to support and be a part of.


She operates as part of a team of three who oversee and plan all of the Green Elephant menu and meal plans. Her expert team includes an accredited practising dietician who sits on the Board of Nutrition Australia. All plans provided will also be approved by an accredited practising dietician and they exceed national guidelines.


Mandy Sacher, as a mother of two and an accredited ATMS registered nutritionist, also comes with incredible experience and credentials over her 22 years in the health and wellness industry.  She

co-developed the MEND programme, the largest healthy lifestyle programme for obese and overweight children; backed by the largest amount of scientific research of any childhood obesity prevention programme. The MEND programme runs globally and is supported by government organisations.


Wholesome Child advocates that children adopt a wholegrain whole foods balanced diet, filled with nutritious fresh vegetables, high quality protein and fats as well as reduced processed sugars and exposure to processed foods, preservatives and additives.


We believe that her wealth of knowledge, experience and practical guidance will ensure that our children’s nutritional health is managed to the highest of standards, to ensure optimal physical and cognitive development.

Mandy Sacher


Mandy Sacher is the Wholesome Child founder, child nutrition expert and mother of two. Mandy’s philosophy is simple: train children’s taste-buds to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally beneficial foods early as possible to ensure optimal development and establishment of lifelong healthy eating behaviours.


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