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international womens day

Words by Deborah O'Ferry


International Women's Day. What does that mean in 2018?


The exciting, while also horrible, thing is that it means something different in 2018 than it did in 2017. Change happened.


We can work. We can vote. We can wear what we want. Now, we can have a wife!




But the win no-one saw coming (and had we known it was coming, many of us may have undervalued its impact) is two little words...




It was left field, but it rocked the world and it reignited the women's movement back to the rally days. So retro. So relevant.


Women identified with this. Celebrities, friends, family. And we didn't even know.


So many women came out and dared sharing their story. Inappropriate actions were finally labelled as wrong, when previously they were stored bad memories of shame.


The #metoo movement made us realise the magnitude of the problem. Women saw that they weren't alone. But, most importantly, women were reminded that they have power when they

work together.


And that, it what International Women's Day is.


It's not about flowers and champagne. It's not about tea and scones either.


It's about equality and it's about making progress to equality together, as a team.


Tea and scones probably goes down better and a glass of bubbly sounds way more fun. A yoga class just for women sounds lovely, and flowers are always nice...


But that's not International Women's Day.


I get the nice tokens of appreciation women may see or receive on the day, but  I also get how angry I feel (even when I try so hard to be a conservative, level, everyday mum just trying to get enough sleep, drink water and Facebook less) when I hear we can have it all, when too often, we can't – at least not for the same price.


So this International Women's Day, know that it is International Women's Day (8 March, every year, every country). Don't let the validity of it be weakened by fluff. Don't let the politics of it scare you away either!


You don't need to march, go bra-less or go on strike.  You can however, in the quiet moment when the kids aren't asking their 267th question for the day,  think about if you have ever been disadvantaged for being a 'she'? Is there a change you wish for your daughter?


We have so much more than the generations before us. We have female leaders at all levels. We have epidurals and long day care. We have freedom. But that doesn't mean we need to be satisfied if we still see problems.


If you asked any leader where their passion came from, they would, more often than not start with a story in reference to their mother, their father - their family.


That's us!


As parents, we have one of the biggest roles in International Women's Day and nobody officially told us.  What we teach our kids will have the greatest impact for change. So teach, fairly. Pass on chores, equally. Role model, thoughtfully.


Because those little people, are part of our solution to International Women's Day being just about having a cup of tea.


Deborah O'Ferry


Deborah O'Ferry is a mother of two. She attempts community work by day and staying calm by night, as she trips about in the crazy and beautiful world of parenting. Writing is her way of staying sane and she hopes to reach other tired parents by being honest about her own not-always-successful experiences and try to level out the ideas of perfect parenting to just trying to be good people. You can follow Deborah at Deborah O'Ferry on Facebook.

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