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groovy elephant


Groovy Elephant is a fun program which fosters development through music, movement, creativity and interaction.


Music is a wonderful tool to use with children as they are inherently musical and generally respond positively to musical stimuli. As babies grow into toddlers music can be used to reinforce their development and help meet important milestones. This is because music is fun, fosters creativity and joy, and allows children to participate at their own level and pace. By its very nature music enhances learning, and children’s songs are particularly effective because they are repetitive, providing lots of ‘rehearsal’ opportunity, and are predictable, enabling children to anticipate ‘what comes next’.


Children will learn important concepts and skills such as:

• gross and fine motor skills

• increased confidence to move

• improved social, speech and language skills

• greater creativity and emotional expression

• self-confidence

• improved social skills


Groovy Elephant provides an environment where musical material is repeated, opportunities for listening, copying and rehearsing are constantly available and where the children are immersed in musical fun. Through this, music provides opportunities for the children to learn and grow and develop as well as exposing them to musical concepts.

Singing is a key element of the program as it assists young children in acquiring language skills and is a wonderful tool for reinforcing this development.


As the children get older, Groovy Elephant begins to introduce more music education concepts through listening, singing and movement games, and also adds elements of
pre-academic skills, such as working on pincer grip through instrumental play, rhythms, new words, following complex concepts and instructions. This allows the older child to begin to learn about music, while also reinforcing their preparation for schooling.


This feeds well into the Early Years Learning Framework, which has a vision for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life.




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