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Here at The Green Elephant Early Learning Centre we believe that no child should go without. With this in mind we have adopted a holistic approach to education where our educators work closely with the children to develop a play based program that is enriching and encourages collaborating with peers, making choices while building on their strengths
and emerging skills. The experiences we offer foster children's social, creative, language, cognitive and physical skills.


The Learning Programs at The Green Elephant are centered around the principles and outcomes  of the  Early Years Learning Framework which focuses on children's interests, strengths and individual needs. Complementing the framework are the 8 Elephant Programs.

All these programs are included in the fee structure, exposing the children to a diverse range of activities and giving every child the best possible opportunity in the most critical learning years of their life.


We believe that by offering our children a wide variety of opportunities, resources and interactions, we are creating and facilitating a developmentally appropriate curriculum where children are encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace.


We are committed to providing an educational program which is inspired and guided by the unique interests, strengths and actions of all children, as well as by the spontaneous events that occur every day.




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