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The Green Elephant understands how important creativity is for a child’s healthy mental development and should be encouraged at every opportunity. We have a purpose built performing arts / music room for all the children to explore and express themselves in.


Creativity provides children with the opportunity to express their ideas and their feelings.
It offers an outlet for children to cope with issues that concern them. It enables children
to develop problem-solving skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.
Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover who they are, to unleash hidden dreams and talents and to embrace their individuality.


The true essence of creativity is much more than making something or writing something or painting something. Creativity involves ideas, interpretations and decisions that are part of a process that is as important as the end result. Even very young children are able to express their creativity through activities like coloring, playing with blocks, making figures with Play-Doh or guessing what comes next in a book being read to them.


Why creativity is important for children:

• Considered the freest form of self-expression.

• Encourages children to use their imagination, to experiment with their own ideas
   and put them into action.

• Facilitates emotional, physical and social well-being.

• Stimulates mental growth as children develop new ideas, are exposed to new
   experiences, learn new ways of thinking and develop decision-making and
   problem-solving skills.

• Children engaged in creative activities tend to thrive when their efforts are noticed
   and praised.


Creativity in children can be encouraged in many ways from imaginative play, role-playing, arts, crafts, music, reading, writing, science, nature, story-telling, discussions and debates, depending on the child’s developmental level.


Creativity in children, the ability to express feelings, fears, dreams, ideas, problems and solutions through the creative process, is vital to a child’s overall mental, physical and social well-being. A child’s creativity becomes evident early on and should be encouraged at every opportunity. Through creative expression children learn new things, experiment with new ideas, learn from their mistakes, experience a variety of options, trials and errors, all which help them mature into well-adjusted adults.




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