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It is hard to believe in a short while your child will be heading off to Big School. It is a very exciting year for us as we make sure each child has been given all the tools necessary to excel. We have tailored a curriculum that focuses on developing your child’s skills in several key areas:


Social and Emotional Development

Big School Elephant is full of activities designed to increase children's independence, further developing their confidence and abilities. Educators encourage the children to play a responsible role in the classroom community. Children will learn to solve problems by using words. Co-operation becomes a key focus during this year, as four to five year olds are developmentally ready to work together. The Green Elephant educators will help ensure that your child is socially ready for Big School.


Language arts and Literacy

Big School Elephant contains activities that will promote early literacy skills, including alphabet letter recognition, phonics, and comprehension. Your child will be immersed in a print-rich environment, surrounded by award-winning children's literature, which will provide children with many opportunities to increase their language and communication skills. Their vocabulary and appreciation for the written word will grow as they read a wide range of educational books from our library.


Numeracy and Science

Big School Elephant focuses on math and science concepts, which are vital school skills.
In numeracy your child will practice important math skills, such as classifying, identifying shapes and numbers, counting, explore the concepts of time, money, and weight. In Science, the teachers will provide many hands-on opportunities for the children to explore nature, water, plants, animals, sounds, textures and other essential science topics.


Creative Arts, Music and Language

Creativity provides children with the opportunity to express their ideas and their feelings.
It offers an outlet for children to cope with issues that concern them. It enables children
to develop problem-solving skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover who they are, to unleash hidden dreams and talents and to embrace their individuality. Creativity in children can be encouraged in many ways from imaginative play, role-playing, arts, crafts, music, reading, writing, science, nature, story-telling, discussions and debates.


Social Studies

Big School Elephant program helps explain the world in which we live. Much like science teaches children to observe the physical aspects of life, social studies encourages children to open their minds to the many places humans live on this planet. Not only does the social studies curriculum teach physical geography, but as students learn about different places, they also become aware of the many cultural differences of the world’s populations through the study of sociology and anthropology. As they learn more about cultural differences, students begin to find that there are a large number of cultural similarities
as well.


Gross and Fine Motor Development

All gross motor skills are addressed in Big School Elephant. Gross motor skills include throwing and catching a ball, hopping, demonstrating balance, jumping rope, and other exercise activities. Fine motor skills, which strengthen the smaller muscle groups, are also a focus of Big School Elephant. Your child will enjoy improving fine motor skills through easel painting, making masks, and drawing with pastels.


What is the Goal of the Big School Elephant Program?

It is our duty to assist a preschool child in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences.  Whilst we do not ‘teach’ the skills as such, it is through our programs and the children’s natural curiosity and interests that we help children develop the skills in a positive and fun environment. The goal of our school readiness program is to:

•  successfully start school with confidence

•  develop the foundations for lifelong learning by developing skills which give children
    the ability to learn effectively

•  familiarise children with the school environment and associated routines, tasks, rules
   and expectations within that environment




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